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Skülptur offers personal coaching, strength, HIIT, ride and stretch classes, outdoor, online or in studio.


Personal Coaching

Personal and Small Group coaching will help you achieve those truly focused individual goals. This option is particularly beneficial if looking for advanced level coaching. 

Online Classes

Skülptur offers personal coaching online, ideal for those short of time, looking to add an extra session to their week or simply as a preferred way to train. 

Training in small groups with friends or those with similar goals, will supercharge your motivation, commitment and gains, while benefitting from developmental programming and close-up coaching.

Paying attention to mind, mobility and connectiveness, is essential to wellness. Our beautiful Stretch + Unwind classes are recommended, to calm the nervous system and improve the emotional component of overall strength. 

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Instagram Live Classes

Finding the motivation and content to train effectively from home is challenging. We all need help.


Skülptur offers regular live Instagram classes so you just need to turn up and join in. Sally trains right alongside with you. These are high energy, strength and high intensity training classes requiring limited, or no equipment.


Exercises are scalable to any level of ability, playlists are on point and you will be part of a welcoming community of attendees, in a no pressure environment.

Rockwater Classes

Skülptur is proud to be an official partner of Rockwater Life, providing outdoor Full Body HIIT circuits on the beach. 

Skülptur works along side Rockwater and other local partners to host classes, events, retreats and workshops. 

Sessions now available every Monday through-out Spring and Summer. 


Ride Classes

Sally offers high energy beats and performance classes at OneCity in Hove, to book a group Ride session or to find out more,

follow the link below:

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Skülptur Studio

Skülptur Studio @FitLab is a private personal training studio; providing 4:1 Small Group training.  

Sessions focus on the development of total body strength and conditioning

With personal goals targeted, teamed with group energy motivation, Skülptur offers clients a tailored weight training and resistance training progressive programme, to turbo charge strength and fitness development. 

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