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lululemon x Skülptur 

"lululemon aligns with my core values. They support my mission,  which in turn enables me to  connect further, wider and deeper within the community spreading my message and my initiatives across the city. "

Q2+Q4 Train_23.01 lululemon Strategic Sales_Q2_F_Train_Look_01_2102.JPG
Q2+Q4 Train_23.01 lululemon Strategic Sales_Q4_F_Train_Look_02_2723.JPG

As the Brighton Train Ambassador for lululemon, Sally leads in her community with authenticity, drive, and a great passion to empower and educate through strength training . Through both her studio sessions and collaborative events within the partnership, Sally's invitation to strength train is in every way inclusive and accessible to all. Sally understands that you can not will community in to existence, you must share common goals, experience and purpose, and you have to be there for each other, and so  

community is at the heart of every workout and strategy.


Every body is welcome.

"With lululemon's support, I am able to collaborate with more members of the community offering fitness, wellbeing and motivation. This is so important for me as my whole ethos is rooted in the belief ‘ we work harder and we work better together "

  • Brighton Store Opening 5KM Run

  • Joe Wicks Hyde Park - world record for biggest fitness workout attempt!! 

  • Sports Day at Rockwater. 

  • Threshold Trails Brighton 5KM 

  • IWD Urban Tri - RUN, TRAIN. YOGA 

  • Brighton Fitness Festival - Headline workout with Jordan Fitness 

  • Themed Rides at OneCity 

  • Battersea Store Opening - Meet and Greet and coaching 

  • Strategic Partners Photoshoot 

  • Ambassador Connect programme - an opportunity to connect with other ambassadors, sharing, learning and growing . 


Events & Milestones

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