Small Group Personal Coaching

Max. 6 clients / 1hr session over 4 weeks blocks. Sessions are focussed on mobility, strength, technique building, metabolic conditioning and stretch. Closed chat groups build a sense of esprit de corps, shared feedback, encouragement and support.

"Training with Sally in classes, small groups and online has genuinely transformed my relationship with exercise."

Personal Coaching

Sally translates the Skülptur method from in-person to 1hr online sessions, giving clients the flexibility and convenience of training from home.  We focus efforts on a well structured session, ensuring individual needs are met. 


"I have dipped in and out of 1:1 PT over the years and I was unsure if online PT would feel as impactful and hard work! It’s more beneficial than I could have hoped... Sally has it all... she supportively pushes you to get the best out of every session."

Stetch + Unwind 1.jpg

Stretch + Unwind

A mindful, follow along with dialogue class, incorporating long, slow and uncomplicated stretches to release tension and muscle soreness. Sessions are divided into half stretch and half relaxation and meditation. A unique playlist is provided to enhance every session. Turn off your camera, light some candles and make yourself the priority. No waiting room. 

“Wow! That was honestly the most beautiful class I have ever done. Your voice, knowledge, playlist and ambience you create is just perfect.”