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Skülptur is first and foremost a personal training studio, offering 4:1 Small Group Training. 

However, we also offer a limited number of strength based drop in sessions for both members and non. 

Our goal is to create a welcoming and inclusive training space that focusses on enhancing muscular strength and endurance,  and no matter how many times you drop in, you will always receive 

support, guidance and up close coaching in a motivational setting. 




Come together, share energy and test your endurance, strength, stamina and fitness! Working across multiple stations, we mash-up all aspects full body interval training. 


Working the entire studio floor in pairs, in a 'You Go I Go' format, you will receive the motivation of others while you personally dig in deep to smash your own goals using either body weight, free-weight or resistance equipment.

Max 18 

£12 Drop in / £6 PT Members



A strength based circuit that combines, compound lifts with strength based accessory movements to build muscular strength and capacity.

We incorporate those big lifts over lower reps and superset with higher rep endurance based movements. 

This is how we get strong and where we build your engine!

Each session is 60 mins including mobility preparation, lifting demonstrations and a dedicated cool down. 

Max 10

£12 Drop in 



This circuit combines compound lifts, metabolic conditioning and cardiovascular training to further develop strength, stamina and fitness. 


Fitness challenges are fed into the session using Concept Ski, Rower and Air Bike, while building strength using barbell and dumbbell lifts.


Each session is 60 mins including mobility preparation, lifting demonstrations and a dedicated cool down. 


Expect a high energy environment, teamwork, strength and fitness challenges, and a big sweat! 

Max 10 

£12 Drop in


“Two words to describe SQUAD: Insanely addictive! It's the most empowering fitness class I've ever been to. The feeling of togetherness and team spirit is unrivalled and the energy in the room is infectious"


“Skülptur classes have completely changed the way I feel about group training. Sally’s PT studio is an inclusive and empowering place where you are challenged to reach your full potential and progression is encouraged. The Strength + Conditioning and Squad classes are always varied and great fun, and I am yet to find a more welcoming community of people who are all committed to keeping their bodies and minds fit and healthy. I’m not just stronger; my confidence in what my body can do, and my ability to be able to push myself has also grown, because I have been inspired to believe in myself."


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