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Skülptur is first and foremost a personal training studio, offering Small Group Personal Training. 

However, we also offer a limited number of strength based drop in sessions for both members and non. 

Our goal is to create a welcoming and inclusive training space that focusses on enhancing muscular strength and endurance,  and no matter how many times you drop in, you will always receive 

support, guidance and up close coaching in a motivational setting. 


What is it:

Functional training with cardio endurance designed to improve Sports, Performance + Athleticism

What to expect:

45-60 min session. 4 individual short workouts in one session. Combination of AMRAPS, EMOMS, explosive movements, running intervals, Ergs and prolonged high intensity training.

Who benefits:

Anyone training for an event such as Hyrox, Spartan, Tough Mudder or anyone looking to improve their CV fitness, running capacity, or team sport athleticism. Or, simply anyone looking to hit their weekly zone 5!

Training zone: 4-5 (80-100% of max)


What is it:

A training session designed to optimise strength, lifting power and build muscle. We combine low to medium rep range barbell lifts with higher rep range free-weight sets.

What to expect:

45 min session. 3 individual workouts in one session. Two compound lifts and 1 free-weight circuit. Up close coaching in a supportive and encouraging environment.

Who benefits:

Anyone looking to get strong and build their engine. Ideal for anyone who enjoys big lifts, who’s working up to a 1-3RM or clients looking for additional coaching to develop current lifts featured in SGPT sessions.

Training zone: 2-3 (60-80% of max)


What is it:
Interval based training, mashing up cardio, Ergs and functional movements (think sled, kettlebells, plyometrics...) in a highly motivational group environment. Designed to
test your endurance, strength, stamina, and fitness!

What to expect:
60 min session. 9 full body workout stations working the entire studio floor in pairs, in a 'You Go I Go' format. Sharing the demand of the load, you will receive the motivation of others while you personally dig deep to smash your own fitness goals.

Who benefits:
Anyone who is serious about improving fitness, endurance, resilience, and stamina and enjoys high energy group sessions. This is a perfect addition to Hyrox training and anyone who needs to work hard, feel the sweat but can’t
resist doing it with a smile. Leave your ego at the door!

Training zone: 3 -5 (70-100% of max)


What is it:

Friendly and inclusive run club targeted at all levels. Specifically designed to train speed, cadence, and ability to run in a compromised state.

What to expect:

60 min seafront or track session. Session debriefs are followed by runners’ mobility, then a series of drills, intervals, speed work and some functional movements. During the coach led session, runners are encouraged to work at their own level with scalable intervals and rest
periods. Sessions are completed with a team finisher and stretch.

Who benefits:

Anyone looking to improve their running for day-to- day longevity, health and anyone looking to improve their 5km to marathon time. Sessions also favour hybrid athletes such as Hyrox competitors working on their compromised running time.

Training zone: 3-5 (70-100% of max)

Pricing: All Classes except Run Club

Skülptur PT Members £10 per session
Non Members £12
PT Members Exclusive Credit Package can be used to book.
Run Club
£8 drop in all.



“Two words to describe SQUAD: Insanely addictive! It's the most empowering fitness class I've ever been to. The feeling of togetherness and team spirit is unrivalled and the energy in the room is infectious"


“Skülptur classes have completely changed the way I feel about group training. Sally’s PT studio is an inclusive and empowering place where you are challenged to reach your full potential and progression is encouraged. The Strength + Conditioning and Squad classes are always varied and great fun, and I am yet to find a more welcoming community of people who are all committed to keeping their bodies and minds fit and healthy. I’m not just stronger; my confidence in what my body can do, and my ability to be able to push myself has also grown, because I have been inspired to believe in myself."


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