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Finding the motivation and content to train effectively from home is challenging. We all need help. Skülptur offers regular live Instagram classes so you just need to turn up and join in. Sally trains right alongside with you.

"Your workouts make me so so happy - the music, your positivity its just so awesome to be a part of!"

Mondays -

10.00 AM

Strength v’s HIIT – 45 mins of weighted strength combinations interjected with body weight HIIT and ab blasts. All the feel-good tunes and motivation from the comfort of your own home!

Wednesdays - 

12:30 PM

Tabata HIIT – 35 min.  Immersive and fun training looks like this!  Body weight workout using interval HIIT training. Be prepared to go all out, using intelligent training and creativity,  this is a feel-good class like no other! Right in the middle of the week to give you the energy boost you need. Be ready to sweat.

Saturdays -
10:00 AM

The weekend starts STRONG! A mash up of slow, explosive, endurance and challenging strength combinations to fire up your weekend and find your Saturday sparkle! This is your 50 min weekend WOD!

"IG workouts have been a godsend. For the first time in my life I’m viewing working out not as some weight loss chore but as self care and as a way to get strong and feel good about myself."

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