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Embrace the champion mindset...

Sally x HYROX

Sally is a three time HYROX podium placer and 2 times world championship qualifier, decorating her studio with the flags! Sally is passionate and dedicated to the training process required to compete on the world stage. 

Having competed and succeeded, HYROX is a rooted catalyst that significantly provokes both the way Sally trains - and coaches.

Having a focus like HYROX (or any event) in mind when training, is what motivates Sally to build her own strength, endurance and coaching knowledge - a trait that is rooted in the Skülptur Method. Balancing training between smart and hard, and retaining the champion mindset, Sally uses her experience and passion for HYROX as a driving tool when training clients and leading the Skülptur community.

There is no denying that HYROX is a cut above, with so many areas to improve your journey is endless and forever evolving, which means you have no choice but to keep growing, a journey which is not only addictive, but also humbling; if you don't do the work, you won't hold your place on the podium.

Can we get this element in somewhere .... the holistic aspect? Training for an event goes beyond the physical benefits, when you hone in on the mental health impact, there is a positive impact onsleep, hydration, self care, recovery and nutrition. 

Sally has been competing in events all her life, from gymnastics to triathlon to mountain racing, and is now in a position to apply her successes and experiences into structured training methods that enables goals thought to be unattainable, be achieved by all!

"The constant chat in your head as you race is so intense, you constantly have to be hyper alert and for the time in the race you must be giving it everything. 
"The choice is yours, discipline or regret!"


The body and mind goes to a dark place, but the minute you cross the line you want to do it all again! 

The event is hard. The toughest of any event I have ever competed in.

'the battle is addictive."
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