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Sally comes from a strong gymnastics background and has a deep appreciation for functional strength, weight training, old lifting and mobility. Her respect for bringing the best of various disciplines together has inspired the Skülptur method. 

Sally’s venture into becoming a ride instructor was rooted in her success as a triathlete. Sally has achieved podium position in every triathlon she has competed at including twice at the Brighton Triathlon in the Olympic distance.

Sally positioned 1st in the World in Hyrox London in 2022 in the female pairs category, for both her age group

and all females.

Other personal achievements include riding the London 100 twice and climbing all three of the highest peaks in the UK, in under 23 hours with British Military Fitness.

Coming from a career in the Arts, Sally is now a personal coach, strength and HIIT trainer and Ride instructor. She holds a Level 3 Diploma in Personal Training, is a qualified Beat and Performance ride instructor and a certified TRX Trainer and lululemon Train Ambassador.


Sally has two children, leads a busy life, and understands the challenges we all face in carving out time for ourselves, reinventing, identifying personal goals and committing to them.


Her approach to life, training and everything, is to work hard, drive each other forward, be kind, supportive and make it fulfilling; always.


Sally believes, that we owe it to ourselves to be strong in mind, spirit and body and she knows, that in the right environment and with the right focus, these strengths complement each other and naturally thrive. 

“Sally is dedicated, knowledgeable and committed to her unique training methods and her clients, you will ‘feel’ results in body and mind.”  

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