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Skülptur values are based on a few simple truths:

  • We are at our best when challenging ourselves.

  • We work better and we work harder, together.

  • Self-discipline only gets us some of the way.

  • Training should be enjoyable and fulfilling, every time, all the time.

  • Enhancing our minds, our movement and our motivation is a journey, not a destination.

  • Life never stands still. To thrive, we need to keep pushing ourselves and adapting.

Skülptur method is to provide inclusive, non-judgemental and example led teaching that encourages the best individual effort from every participant.

Classes range from small group training, to individual, personal coaching in a range of complementary disciplines that blend functional strength, high intensity and mobility work.

Mindful, stretch and unwind classes, nourish the spirit and help us develop connections between mind and body. 


“Training 121, in a small group or all in the studio Sally makes you feel like you can do it, motivating without making it competitive, you walk out of each session with a smile.”

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