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Skülptur is a method to transform strength of body and mind, through movement. We partner with you to discover goals and realise them.  

"Sally will make you stronger and the best bit, is you will love the process."

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Be part of the movement.

Skülptur method, expresses a welcoming and progressive approach to fitness, functional strength and wellness. 


Skülptur programming, is grounded in the recognition that challenges are best achieved through a balance of effort and enjoyment. 


Skülptur believes, that fulfilment and inclusion are the cornerstones of lasting commitment.


Skülptur mission, is to enable and support our community along the journey of enhancing and enriching, mind, movement and motivation.

"Sessions are next level.  Each set is thought through for your specific needs.  It is by far, the best day of my week!  Sally cares a lot.  She is an inspiration.  She is real and she is mighty!" 

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