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 Every Monday through-out spring and summer SKÜLPTUR is set to welcome and energise the Rockwater and Brighton & Hove community.   
You can find Sally + Amie 
on the deck with early morning
Full Body HIIT Circuits.

Sessions focus on the development of whole body fitness and endurance, featuring higher intensity x interval training, using body weight and light resistance equipment. All abilities welcome, as you control the intensity 
under motivational guidance and support
A community led, uplighting and motivational session leaving you feeling empowered and energised in body + mind as the sun rises on Hove Beach. 
Drop in £10 - Click link below to book. 
45 minute sessions. Two sessions every Monday -  6.30AM and 7.30AM.
Free classes available to Rockwater Open Water Members
(checking booking system limited availability) 
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